Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do I find my court date? 

You can find out information about your upcoming in person and remote court dates as well as other court case related information online or by contacting the court clerk’s office. Please see our court information page for the various courts, court contact information, and to find your court date online. 

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What is the Northwest Community Bail Fund? 

NCBF is a registered nonprofit organization advocating for bail reform and working to minimize the harm of the cash bail system by paying bail for people who would otherwise spend the pre-trial time in jail. 


How do I contact NCBF? 

Phone: (877) 622-6223

Email: info@nwcombailfund.org


What do I owe NCBF? 

There is no cost to you or your family for bail assistance. NCBF is powered by thousands of small donations.  We use these donations to pay bail when it’s not affordable for a person or their family to do so.  There is no cost or other obligation to the person receiving bail assistance.  We will not ask you to pay us back or to sign a surety.


Does NCBF give legal advice? 

Your attorney is your best source of information about your case and about your court appearances and obligations.  You should stay in touch with your attorney throughout your case. We are not lawyers and we don’t represent you in your case. You should not talk about any details or anything to do with your case with anyone other than your lawyer, unless your lawyer has told you it’s ok.  We don’t have confidentiality the way your lawyer does.

If you do not know how to reach your attorney, we can usually provide you with the main phone number for your attorney’s office.


Does NCBF provide transportation to court? 

If you need a ride to in-person court, we can arrange LYFT service for you.  Please contact our office at 877-622-6223 ext 2, or ncbfadmin@nwcombailfund.org a week in advance to provide the date, time and location of your court and a pick-up address.


Does NCBF offer other support resources aside from bail assistance? 

If you need supportive assistance, such as housing assistance, food assistance etc, you can find resources at Aunt Bertha


How can I support NCBF? 

We are primarily run through donations and by volunteers. Please see our ‘Get Involved’ tab for more details about those options. If you received bail assistance from us, we value your experiences and would welcome hearing more about your experiences with the criminal justice system.  This helps us to tell the story of unjust bail practices, and we can use information collected to pressure authorities to change the system.